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FIFA 16 Game Download

FIFA 16 Game Review:

Football is the most popular sport all over the globe. Millions of people tune in daily to watch their favorite player playing for their team. Apart from that they also enjoy spending hours on the field training and playing their favorite sport. With the evolution of gaming, now we get a chance to play as our idol or select our home team and run through the defenses of opposition. The EA SPORTS FIFA game series allows us to have the real experience and with a yearly release, they tend to keep people busy. Here, our focus is to talk about FIFA 16 game because it is said to have brought significant changes to the series. People tend to look up for Fifa 16 game download or FIFA 16 game free download to install the game and start playing. If you also think the same, here is a review that you should go through.

fifa 16 game download

It is more than just a Polish:

Previously, people were not much excited about the new releases as they were only an intuitive polish. There was no significant gameplay change or technical changes (at least that was what the gaming geeks felt) concerning the new releases. However, there is a lot more to FIFA 16 game because for the first time we can actually feel that the way game goes on has gone through some pressing change. Now, not only the graphics feel real, but the feel of gameplay and the way you will progress is just next to reality. To some people, the playing of FIFA 16 is actually ‘more about learning a new game from scratch.’ So, the first few matches may be both frustrating and promising for you.

fifa 16 game download free full

 The defending Change:

The FIFA 16 game brings a tremendous defending change. One can say that defending is more natural or you can also regard it as the defenders are smarter. The tackling and interceptions got a significant boost, and you will see defender running and interruption more often than not. Also, the desperate moments allow for more fouls, and you get to look at more cards while playing this one. Along with that, the introduction of side tackling feature has given the defense even more power and you can now faint tackles during one on one battles and trick your opponents to win the ball. The fine tuning in AI of defenders has also improved the efficiency of tracking the runners and track runners with more dowdiness.

fifa 16  game

The Midfield:

The midfield has now been shifted to more of a battlefield in the game. There is no doubt that the mess you see in the genuine game will be experienced equally in the game. To the people that like control, it will become more interesting. You see the defenders urging to win the ball and running towards the opponents whenever possible. So, a slight mistake in control and the possession will be taken away from you in fifa 16 game. As for the person without the ball in midfield, it is more about the interceptions and taking the step at the right time if you are to make your way through the opponent. The offensive tools will make it even more robust in the middle of the pitch. So, you need to be precise and have a good plan if you are willing to move forward.

fifa 16  game free download

The dribbling and pass Precision:

The fifa 16 game comes with a getter dribbling system, but it will take some time from you to master it. There are real things to it, and if you are really able to grab a few techniques, you will be able to dodge the opponents as it is meant to be. Moreover, with the new precision passing system, the through balls have become even more interesting. The players are more likely to judge the angles and distances with accuracy and depending on the skill level of your player you will be able to play a through the pass with perfection. Better players are less likely to fumble these hard pinged passes.

fifa 16  game for pc full version

The ultimate team and draft mode:

The arrival of draft mode has given a big boost to the ultimate team. The primary business of buying packs and building teams sits aside with this one as now you get a chance to build a temporary side and step into the tournaments online. You get to do it position after position, with a pack opening up for each slot, and you get to decide that which player from that pack will best suit your team and gameplay. So, other draft players get to play against each other, and you will be able to get more significant rewards depending on the game. You build a team and draft will keep them together and enhance the chemistry between the players and there will be no need to put your regular side apart. You have to spend around 15000 coins or 300 microtransaction FIFA points if you are to enter it. In the end, you can see it as a chance to make more money for your central team. Building a new team is different depending on the draft, and each match will give a substantial return to you. Therefore, we can say that it worth the pain!

The downside:

There is something in FIFA 16 game that people argue about. They think that the gameplay is a bit slower now and they say it rightfully. However, as stated that the company has made significant improvements in the engine and it’s not the engine that slowed down it’s just the way game goes on. The midfield is terrible to get through; the defenders are smarter, the players are improved, all this together will take more from you to actually rock this game. So, it is of no surprise that you may feel that the game is moving forward a bit slow. However, with things now feeling more realistic, you are likely to overcome this. Playing previous EA SPORTS FIFA Game editions have just tuned people for that faster moving game. But this FIFA 16 game is undoubtedly something that you should try. You can look up for fifa 16 game download and extract the fifa 16 game free download. However, it is always good to buy one if you can.

FIFA 16 Game Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows V/7/8/8.1 – 64-Bit
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz (or AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core, AMD Athlon II X4 620 equivalent)
Hard Disk Space: 15 GB
RAM Memory: 4 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 5770
Sound Card: Yes

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